Marvelous Machines

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Goodnight Lad
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Hidden Worlds

A magical adventure awaits on every page. Point your phone at the book and the characters come to life. Watch them play and dance on the top of each page.



Living Characters

Touch the pages and watch the characters come to life. Play drums, pop balloons, and wake up sleepy mountains.



Pajamas & Readers

Pick your favorite costumes and narrators, from pirates to superheros. Follow the story of a young boy who just never gets tired as he slowly turns into a beast.

It's a clever use of AR, not because it's a kids story, but because the experience is so complete.

Android Central

This has been the best Kickstarter project that I have backed.

Jeffery Craddock

Animations are awesome, the augmented reality is pretty well done. You are basically guaranteed a repeat backer.

Brandon Lewis

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