Each of Goodnight Lad's thirty pages are fully interactive including animations, touch, music and sound effects.


Our technology is super robust allowing you to rotate the pages and tilt the book. This allows you to get the best vantage point no matter which page you explore.


Change the costumes, narrators, and even the language of the book. There's a variety of different ways to experience Goodnight Lad.


Every character and object on each page is fully interactive. Tap on them to see custom animations and sound effects.


Enjoy reading the book as a pirate, or as the little lass Lily. These two experiences are fully themed including a custom narrator, costume, and new text for the book.


Coming soon is even more content including a secret star challenge, a scratch to find challenge, and stickers.

Try it yourself

Download the app and print off the following six pages from the book. Try it out before you buy, we guarantee you will love it.

Book Pages 13 & 14

Example Page 1

Book Pages 15 & 16

Example Page 2

Book Pages 17 & 18

Example Page 3

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